Adding DTS support to SSMS

I have done this on my recent rebuild of my laptop at work so know that this does work. SQL 2000 tools are no longer required. The following add-ons are required to provide DTS support in SSMS 2008…

1. SQL 2000 DTS Designer components ( Select Feature Pack from this link )

2. SQL 2005 Backward Compatibility Components ( Select SQL 2008 Feature Pack from this link )

Once these files have been downloaded they must be installed in this order. If the backward compatibility components were installed first, you can re-run the install and choose repair.

3. Modify the path statement so that the SQL2000 tools are before the SQL2008 tools…

e.g C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\ (should be first on the path before SQL 2008)

Stop and re-start SQL Server to have the change take effect.

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