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Enabling Service Broker on a database

To check the status of service broker on a database run the following (in the database)… SELECT is_broker_enabled FROM master.sys.databases WHERE database_id = DB_ID() If the broker is enabled it will return a 1, otherwise it will return 0. The … Continue reading

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Failed data collector upload job

When the MDW data collector fails the upload job,  the cached files start building up and the MDW database starts getting out of date. If you look at the SQL agent job history for the upload job you will likely … Continue reading

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Working with SQL Server data compression

 Before compressing any database, a check to see whether ROW or PAGE compression will give the best result is necessary before carrying out any change. The script below will generate a set of scripts to run and the output you can use … Continue reading

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Creating a SQL Database

Writing an article about how to create a database might seem a bit too simple to many but I was surprised when talking to people that they didn’t know why I would do it this way.  When you create a … Continue reading

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Scaling MDW

SQL Server 2008 introduced the MDW – a Management Data Warehouse. The MDW is a data warehouse for storing performance data about your SQL servers. It is best configured using a centrally located database – in the environment I work … Continue reading

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